Reflection of a Silent Tragedy

Four flights

Four fucking flights in one day. I am so done with flying. When we got to the airport it was like Surprise! Things have changed and now you’re going to have a 2 hour layer over in Alaska just so you can go through customs there instead of a nice straight flight from Japan to Seattle.

Blah it is like almost 8 am here and I have to go get the keys to my new house by 10am when all I want to do is go back to sleep, sit in bed, eat a real meal instead of take out, and not deal with anything besides getting used to being on East Coast time. Oh well at least it is not Tuesday anymore.

In 24 hours I’ll be

At the airport and my 3 year living overseas adventure is officially over. And soon so shall my hiatus on here since I’ll be a bit more up to simming again once this move is almost over.

But blahTuesday is going to be a never ending day since we will be leaving Tuesday afternoon here (Tokyo time)and arriving Tuesday night (east coast time) so it is almost going to be like a two day Tuesday from all of the time changes. And then Wednesday morning after that we will be getting the keys to our new house and our new car ( which will be a lot of fun driving in our probably severely jet lagged state and because it’s been 3 years since we’ve drove on that side of the road)

So I hope to be posting again soon! See you guys in a few days.

I really don’t get this logic

But since I put up my semi hiatus I’ve gained over 30 new followers. It’s funny when I stop posting I get new followers but when I start they all go away.

Or today when the stylists at the Japanese hair salon I go to when they say “oh no we can’t bleach over your purple hair because it will melt it.” No it won’t. This is manic panic and temporary as hell. Not to mention it is so faded that in less than five minutes with the bleach on it will turn back to blonde. And I tried to explain this to them but still no. I can’t wait till I get back to a Sally’s so I can do my hair myself. So I am temporarily dying it with black because I will be seeing my parents tomorrow. And they are conservative as fuck so I think seeing my 3/4 sleeve with a demon on it carrying a severed head in person for the first time would go over a lot better with a more natural hair color than purple.

Semi hiatus

I haven’t been in the mood to play the sims lately since I’ve been stressing about my move at the end of next month (& seeing my parents for the first time in 3 years when they come visit next week)  so I’m just going to put this here. 

I’ve been knitting a lot (its a great anxiety reducer) and made a side blog for all of my knitting projects if you want you can find me there.

I know I haven’t been ‘liking’ or commenting on posts lately, I’m sorry but I’ve been really ehhh about the sims. I won’t be getting Sims 4 (unless the price lowers drastically to one fitting for a base game that is frankly lacking a lot of content) so I don’t really expect to post too much over here until after my move. Although who knows I might just get back into the simming mood next week or something, hence the whole semi hiatus thing. 


I’m going to save all my judgement/love for Sims 4 until it comes out. I can’t compare a game, which has tons of eps and stuffpacks, to a base game, which is meant to be only the BASE of the series.

But most people are comparing the base games and that is why they are unhappy. The base game is lacking compared to the other base games. It is lacking in life stages, family trees, pools, camera angles, and a lot of other things that should be in the base game.
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Internet Replies

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dustofsims replied to your post “in your post that you made a while back where you made the clothes from midnight hollow maternity enabled- in the last picture, wcif the bottom skirt with stockings? thank you so much!”

Lol Just so you know you put up a yarn site XD

XD Whoopsss. It is fixed now. 

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in your post that you made a while back where you made the clothes from midnight hollow maternity enabled- in the last picture, wcif the bottom skirt with stockings? thank you so much!

It is included in the bulk download however if you just want it then go here

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I miss the days of when there was no internet cap

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