Reflection of a Silent Tragedy


I’ve seen a lot of TS2 pictures floating around on my dash and I really have to recommend this directory site for TS2 default replacements. I’ve replaced practically every outfit, hair, makeup, etc thanks to this directory XD 

And any WCIF that might enter my inbox once I start posting TS2 pics later tonight will just be referred to said site : )

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Human we said that there would be no more packing or preparations for our move. You should snuggle with us on the couch in this awfully hot and humid weather.

-Darby & MooMoo

Crochet: Babouska Rose Blanket by Sewing Daisies on Flickr.

Really need to learn how to crochet. This is gorgeous!
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Jesus H Dicks (if you know what that is from then I love you) that hurt!!!

All those tattoo pain charts lie XD because this was a doozy. Oh we’ll next flower shouldn’t be too bad compared to this shoulder one and the one in my ditch.

Excuse my bathroom’s shoddy lighting.
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How did you guys learn about simblr?!



I’m curious to know! Reblog or reply with your story? :-)

i found out about it when Berry made her Simblr and was flooding my twitter feed with her tumblr posts, i think that was in spring of 2011. (berry posted so much, that is all that was on my twitter for months with sim…

I learned about simblr a little over three years ago when a few people writing rainbowcies started blogs where you could ask their characters from their stories questions. I thought that sounded like fun and joined up making one of my own, sweetinquisitions (the blog that you see liking stuff instead of this one as this one is a secondary blog) then I started this one as one that I could post nonstory stuff. Now I haven’t posted on my main one in ages (since I’ve sorta fell out with story writing) and spend all my time on here.

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Tried to make William but he just ain’t the same with out all of the CC spackled on. I just can’t get his glorious nose right :/ Plus I had to put his eye color as green since they don’t have a blue green option.
I tried to make my simself but she looks like crap. The eye color is not right (They look blue when they are supposed to be grey) and they didn’t have my hair color or any curly styles :/ 
I need to fiddle a bit more with her but this pull and tug stuff is frustrating to be honest. I see myself in the future probably not liking creating sims as much as I had in TS3 and TS2. I mean I was only in the demo for a little while before giving up. Maybe I’ll eventually get the hang of it and actually like it. idk? 
Though I really do like this sweater dress because I can sorta see the texture of it and things having texture is important to me because I like my sweaters to look like sweaters and my jeans to look like jeans and not plastic like that hair does.
But I have to be an adult now and get my house ready for the impending move… So maybe more later? 
Look what popped up in my Origin game directory.
Lets see continue to sort through stuff and get my house ready for the movers that are coming in 10 days (though their sending a representative from the moving company in 5 days to estimate how many giant wooden crates we will need) 
Procrastinate as usual and try out a game demo for a game that I probably not going to buy as soon as it is released? 
Gotta be honest I’m leaning towards that procrastination option while eating a mint oreo hot fudge sundae (since I made the most delicious hot fudge sauce the other night because the move is stressing me out)