Reflection of a Silent Tragedy

november by thecupthatiscake. his NOOOOOOSE though - i’m crazy for strong noses ;w;

~wipes single tear away~ my baby he’s beautiful @_@


Making the Skull Isle socks from Stitch ‘n Bitch Superstar Knitting for the lovely aikea-guinea :D


Ooohhhhh I need to make these one day!

This photo of Misha Collins knitting just made me ridiculously happy.

Ehhhhh…. :D I need to have Misha knitting on here! @_@
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I feel as though I’ve missed out on A LOT of Sims 2 fun back when it came out. I wish I was a bit older because Sims 3 was a complete waste of money.

So play the sims2? I still play it myself because of how more fun and random it is than ts3.




Found a tutorial on how to get rid of that annoying glowy thing lighting does to most objects.

you’re magical ♥ tyvm for sharing this


Anybody able to translate this?

It says;
Open GraphicRules.sgr (be sure to make a backup of the original) in Notepad
Look for the line “advancedrendering”
You will see two sections, one is “Setting $ On” and “Setting $ Off”
In “Setting $ Off” you will find the line “$ prop ConfigGroup RenderPostProcessEnabled false”
Copy that line into the “Setting $ On” section (the blog posted it after the line that says TerrainLOD0)
You will end up with the section looking like this: 

After that, save your SGR but please do not forget to have made a backup.
I hope this helps.
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Really wish

That I had made June green now. XD since it suits her sooo good. Oh well I guess I’ll just make her a Elphaba fangirl and have her writing all sorts of fan fiction stories that she hides from November.

Leftover :) 

I wish my sims could have boy-girl twins. I really hope they can in TS4

I’ve had I think 3 sets of boy/girl twins during the 6 generations of my rainbowcy.